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Docker Settings: no "Shared Volumes" tab

Running Windows 10. I want to share a disk drive with containers. However, when I to go Docker Settings, I do not see the tab for Shared Volumes, How can I set that up?

This is what I see (There is no Shared Volumes tab):

When using Windows containers or LCOW no setting is required

OK, but then how do I expose a host drive to my container? Following the docs I should do something like

docker -v d:\:d:\

to share my D: drive as drive D: with my Windows container

but I tried that and it doesn’t work:

docker: Error response from daemon: container cb40d93ef5ae53f0b3b8061bd6eaaf559b03f825c9a323ee7c9767c0b5ea1836 encountered an error during Start: failure in a Windows system call: The compute system exited unexpectedly. (0xc0370106).

any luck on solving this specific error, @jerryb?

Nope, I still no way to do this.

OK, I believe this might help you as it helped me:

Instead of creating the volume from within the docker file like this:



I actually created like Elton S. did in his Docker labs example:

At container run in command line:

docker container run --volume D:\<host_path>:D:\<container_path>

By removing the creation of the volume from the docker file and passing it to the run command it worked. :slight_smile:

Could you tell me if this works for you as well?

Cheers, Jerry.

Did you try using these absolute path formats:


Is there a solution for this ?

I tried your way, it did not work. run command throws error.

Anyone solved this problem ? I have same issue.