Docker Share Drive Needs Remounted Every Time I Start Containers

Issue type: Shared Data Missing
OS: Win 10 Pro 1703
Docker version: 17.09.0-ce-win33 (13620)
Steps to reproduce: Start Docker for Windows, call docker-compose up for my containers

So, I’m having a strange issue with my shared D: drive. I’m running a few containers which comprise of a functional gitlab server. These are setup via a docker-compose file which is working with volumes pointed at drive D.

However, without fail the first time I boot docker and do my docker-compose up for these containers, things aren’t quite right. Basically all my repositories exist, but are empty. I check the folder for the repo data that I set the docker-compose volumes to and the data is all there…

So I gracefully close my containers, pull open the Docker for Windows “Shared Drives” area and see my drive “D” is checked. So I uncheck it, click apply, recheck it and click apply, and run the following:
docker run --rm -v D:/data:/data alpine ls /data

Then I call docker-compose up again and now all my repos have their code back.

Can someone help my understand why that might be? Is it assumed for shared drives I need to always run that docker command to point the data volume to drive D? I had assumed it was a once and done command.

Basically I’m just left scratching my head and not understanding why. If anyone has any insight I’d love to learn more. It’s not currently a blocker for me, but it is a slight nuisance. I’m just not sure if it’s the fault of my containers, myself, or even Docker itself.