Shared Drives option not showing up in Docker for Windows Settings

When I switch to Windows Containers in Docker for Windows the Shared Drives option goes away. Should this be showing up for Windows Containers (it works for Linux Containers)? I’m asking because I’m getting a “PrepareForLaunch task failed unexpectedly” error in Visual Studio 2017 and my initial Googling shows that it might be related to the volumes not being shared/mounted appropriately.

I’m running:

  • Docker for Windows v17.06.0-ce-win19 (12801) Stable.
  • Windows 10 1607 (Build 14393.1480)
  • Visual Studio 2017


— Thanks, Jeff

OK. So, never mind :slight_smile: I Just found the docs that states that the Shared Drives feature is for Linux only and so it shouldn’t be there for Windows Containers.

yes, with Docker Windows containers you can just mount host volumes with abandon - no drive pre-sharing required.

Michael, is there any resource online to show how to do this? I have a windows 10 docker installation using the windows containers mode, and I want my sql server express db in the container to store its data in a host volume

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