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Docker stack ls does not work -- failed to find a Stack API version

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How does the output of docker info --format '{{.Swarm.LocalNodeState}}' look like?

docker info --format '{{.Swarm.LocalNodeState}}' is inactive because I am not trying to use Swarm, I am trying to use Kubernetes.

Got it, I wrongly assumed Stack API referes to Swarm stacks, thus checking if Swarm is initiated would have made sense.

There is nothing that i can contribute here. I am not using a Mac, though on Docker Desktop for Windows, Kubernetes needs to be enabled specifcly.

Good luck!

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I doubt that posting issues in this forum will result in anything else than users trying to support users.
The Github project’s issue page is still the best place to get attention.

One more thing: I personaly would skip this useless compose to kubernetes service completly. Even though it makes the docker services tranlate to kubernetes deployments/pods and exposing ports via services…it does not remotely cover what Kuberentes is able to provide. Pods and services are very simple manifests, which can be learned in short time. From my perspective this “translater” is a useless feature.

Still, there is no excuse for Docker to leave ut broken…

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Quoting that so that it stands out as being important.

This will remove all the specified stacks, myapp and vossibility. Services, networks, and secrets associated with all the specified stacks will be removed.

$ docker stack rm myapp vossibility

Removing service myapp_redis
Removing service myapp_web
Removing service myapp_lb
Removing network myapp_default
Removing network myapp_frontend
Removing service vossibility_nsqd
Removing service vossibility_logstash
Removing service vossibility_elasticsearch
Removing service vossibility_kibana
Removing service vossibility_ghollector
Removing service vossibility_lookupd
Removing network vossibility_default
Removing network vossibility_vossibility

@lewish95 That post is off topic.
If docker stack ls does not work the docker stack rm is not going to work either.