Docker stuck on pull

Expected behavior

Docker pull to download the image

Actual behavior

Docker get stuff with no new progress for ever (that I can tell so far). Restarting the pull causes the exact same output to be presented and no progress made. When I say exact same output, I mean the output below is shown again. Including the download progress and bars in exact same position.


Pinata: missing
Version: Docker 1.11.2-Beta15


Pulling elasticsearch (boathouseio/elasticsearch:latest)…
latest: Pulling from boathouseio/elasticsearch
efd26ecc9548: Downloading [==============> ] 15.2 MB/51.34 MB
a3ed95caeb02: Download complete
d1784d73276e: Downloading [===========> ] 4.111 MB/18.53 MB
52a884c93bb2: Download complete
070ee56a6f7e: Download complete
f8b8b1302b4f: Download complete
e71221cc9598: Downloading [==> ] 2.162 MB/53.33 MB
349c9e35d503: Waiting
c926a5d75666: Waiting
706d6535a2f0: Waiting
04931a364da7: Waiting
e4667ac2171b: Waiting
4893305d167a: Waiting
5885742731a5: Waiting
028e81961660: Waiting
57541c9eab4a: Waiting

Steps to reproduce the behavior

docker pull boathouseio/elasticsearch

The pull can be started again by restarting the VM. The stall happens randomly but is more common after sleep / wake.