Docker swarm mode configs and symlink permissions?

I have a service that I have created, started up in docker swarm mode with some configs that where created properly.

When I bring in the configs during the docker create service

docker service create --name ClientPortal --replicas 2 --publish 8080:80 --config \ src=appsettings_clientportal.json,target=/app/configs/appsettings.json --config \ src=connections_clientportal.json,target=/app/configs/connections.json --config \ src=config_clientportal.json,target=/app/ClientApp/dist/config/config.json clientportal:latest

I end up getting an error on the service when rendering like EOF reached reading the .json file.

When I copy the configs directly to the container/image and start the service without the config parameters, the service works and renders properly.

Is there some permission or access scenario for the containers with the symlinks to the config files that would cause this?

The configs copied to the container are exactly the same ones used in the docker create config commands.

thanks in advance.