Docker Swarm Windows - Host unreachable after docker swarm init

I have Windows Server 2016 Core(Hyper-V VM). Docker is installed, working and I want to create swarm.

IP config at the beginning:

  1. Ethernet -
  2. vEthernet (HSN Internal NIC) -

Then I run
docker swarm init --advertise-addr

Swarm is created, but I have lost my main IP address. IP config:

  1. vEthernet (HNS internal NIC) -
  2. vEthernet (HNS Transparent) -

Created swarm manager node is not reachable on main address I can’t connect to it and swarm workers are not able to join with this IP. Where is the problem?

OS version: Windows server core 2016 version 14393.2214
Docker version: 17.06.2-ee-10