Issues running docker swarm on Windows server 2019


We are trying to deploy our application using docker swarm on a windows server 2019 docker host machine.
we have two challenges

  1. We can not ping to our containers by their hostname
  2. We can not ping docker host from any of our containers

The same configuration (.yml file) was working fine in windows 2016 and we were able to communicate between containers and dockerhost.

We observed that the networking seems to be different between Windows 2016 Vs Windows 2019 and we no longer can find HNSTransparent and HNSNic.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I’m not an expert on Docker Swarm (at all), so trying to look from the networking angle. What is the network you’re using? The default is NAT. You can find more information on networking on Windows Server here: Windows container networking | Microsoft Docs