Docker Swarmkit and the Mirantis deal (not Docker Swarm)

Is Swarmkit in any way affected by the Mirantis deal? I know about Swarm, but Swarmkit is distinct and integrated into docker engine, yet many people call Swarmkit as Swarm. Please clarify :slight_smile:

All open source stayed with Docker Inc, so Docker (moby/moby repo) and Swarm (SwarmKit repo) didn’t go to Mirantis. However, Mirantis now has Docker Enterprise, which includes Swarm as a feature of the platform, and they have publicly stated multiple times that Mirantis will give at least 2 years of Enterprise Swarm support to its customers.

Also, SwarmKit/Docker just received it’s first major new feature of 2020 with Jobs support.

So the future is uncertain. There isn’t a Swarm team at Docker anymore (that I’m aware of), but it’s open source, so we’ll have to wait and see who’s willing to pay people to continue developing it and support it…