Docker update failed/won't start - Finds VirtualBox

Expected behavior

Upgrade works without issue

Actual behavior

Docker is saying that I ahve VirtualBox 4.3.26 although I do not (I had it installed when I initially installed the Docker beta but removed it so the install can proceed). I’m not sure what it is finding to indicate that VirtualBox 4.3.26 is installed. No VirtualBox is installed in the Applications folder and I’ve cleaned out the Library folder.


From the
2016-04-05T22:17:50.906537-04 Info - Application version: 1.11.0-beta6 (5404)
2016-04-05T22:17:50.928010-04 Info - OSX Version: Version 10.11.4 (Build 15E65)
2016-04-05T22:17:51.185508-04 Critical - Docker does not work properly on systems with VirtualBox versions prior to v.5.x. (VirtualBox 4.3.26 currently installed)
2016-04-05T22:19:23.103462-04 Info - applicationWillTerminate

I tried restarting the machine as well

An update. I went to install a new version of VirtualBox (Although I had no VirtualBox installed) and ended up noticing there’s an uninstall.tool as part of the VirtualBox distribution. I used that and it starts up fine now. Seems like the new beta is looking for traces of VirtualBox that deleting the VirtualBox from the Application folder isn’t enough. Might be helpful to point the user to use the actual installed from VirtualBox. The irony is, the uninstaller isn’t there and I had to download VirtualBox to get access to the uninstaller.

I have the same problem - although I need VirtualBox 4.x because if you install a newer version vagrant will fail to start with the opposite error which is that VirtualBox 5.x isn’t supported. So I will have to test this on a Mac without vagrant on it.

I had the same issue. I found VirtualBox uninstall.tool here:

Just run it and it Docker starts fine