Fatal Error after install - Virtualbox Requirements

Expected behavior

Expected app to launch without Fatal Error

Actual behavior

Fatal Error
Docker can’t work without issues if Virtual Box prior to 5.x can be found.



Error message is a little unclear. Maybe change it to:

“I found an old version of VirtualBox (4.3). Docker needs version 5.x or greater.”

Also: I thought we didn’t need VirtualBox with this Docker for Mac.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Install and launch on OS X 10.9

Getting the installer to continue was easy: I just removed the Vagrant.app and relaunched. Just thought you’d want to see the error message.

VirtualBox is not required but VirtualBox 4.x cannot operate on the same machine as Docker for Mac. VirtualBox 5.x does not have this limitation. Docker for Mac requires OS X 10.10.3 or later on a 2010 Mac or later.

Thanks for participating in the Docker for Mac Beta!