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Fatal Error after install - Virtualbox Requirements


(Scott Stanfield) #1

Expected behavior

Expected app to launch without Fatal Error

Actual behavior

Fatal Error
Docker can’t work without issues if Virtual Box prior to 5.x can be found.



Error message is a little unclear. Maybe change it to:

“I found an old version of VirtualBox (4.3). Docker needs version 5.x or greater.”

Also: I thought we didn’t need VirtualBox with this Docker for Mac.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Install and launch on OS X 10.9

(Scott Stanfield) #2

Getting the installer to continue was easy: I just removed the and relaunched. Just thought you’d want to see the error message.

(David Sheets) #3

VirtualBox is not required but VirtualBox 4.x cannot operate on the same machine as Docker for Mac. VirtualBox 5.x does not have this limitation. Docker for Mac requires OS X 10.10.3 or later on a 2010 Mac or later.

Thanks for participating in the Docker for Mac Beta!

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(Frenchben) #5