Docker Version 25, CIFS Volumes and the 'addr=' option

I had a number of containers fail to load after upgrading to version 25, and didn’t see anything here in the forums or on Github so I thought I’d share this here.

In the version 25 release notes: Docker Engine 25.0 release notes | Docker Docs there’s an item related to CIFS address FQDN resolution.

CIFS volumes now resolves FQDN correctly. moby/moby#46863

Some of you, like me, may have mitigated this issue based on advice like this: How to create CIFS docker volume with username, password, uid, and gid - Server Fault by adding a ‘addr=’ statement to your CIFS volume, for me at least, for some reason, all my volumes and associated containers consider this an ‘invalid command’

If I remove it, everything works again. Just putting this here in case anyone else has the same issue.