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Docker vs non-docker (install it all on the server) homeuse!


I recently start using docker on a ubuntu server. I “docked” the usuall “applications” i use (homeassistant/pihole/glances/motioneye/netdata plus some docker-related stuff: portainer/watchtower/autoheal)

I was wondering what the difference would be between this setup and just installing them on the server (without docker).

CPU? Mem? IO? slower/faster?

I understand that a restore (after a corruption) is much easier with docker then (for instance) with “timeshift”/rsync.

Any other thoughts? ideas? Views?

Greetz from the Netherlands: Patrick


One of the big things for me is the footprint installing software can make, fx. installing something that have alot of dependencies, and if i dont want the application anymore, i will probertly still have alot of the dependencies installed.

Also updating applications is soo much easier and if that version is bogus in some way, you can just rollback to the previous image

Another nice thing, is that your applications is easily listed with “docker ps”

There is a very little overhead regarding resource usage.

I try to install all software via docker, or if i code myself, put it in docker.

Thnx Martin.

I recently followed a install-manual for hassio-supervised and damaged the docker enviroment (i couldn’t remove/kill/stop/purge). Started over. Easy peasy! I now have a bash-script that will install docker, pull/run docker images/containers and restore config-files. Never had a server (an applications) up-and-running so fast!

Greetz: Patrick