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Most Windows apps install easily on my HDD, but Docker will only install on SSD which has no space

  • Issue type: Cannot choose installation drive
  • OS Version/build: Windows 10 Professional
  • App version: (31259) Channel: stable Build: 8858db3
  • Steps to reproduce:
  1. Click on “Docker for Windows Installer.exe” (Docker’s installation message SAYS it will install to drive E:, but it actually installs to drive C:)
  2. Make sure only drive E: is selected under shared drives.
  3. Attempt to change the Disk image location to a new empty folder on drive E: (Docker asks for Windows password and appears it will accept the change, but it defaults right back to drive C:)

It is common for Windows users to have a limited SSD drive for the OS only, and to install all user and program data on an HDD. Most well-behaved Windows applications obey my settings and install directly to drive E:, with no part of the program on C:. However, Docker, while acknowledging the setting during installation, ignores it, and installs both its own software and its virtual drive on the SSD, which means I have to immediately uninstall Docker so I can use my computer.