DockerDescktop installation was blocked by Windows Defender

When I try install Docker Desctop I faced with this:

Windows defender detects a trojan upon installation of 4.17.1

I am subscribed to the status notifications of Docker and this was the first time I got a notification about a Docker Desktop issue via email referring to the same github issue you shared. I leave this quote from the email here as a summary of the issue for anyone who finds this topic:

Update: Windows Defender updates 1.385.1140.0 and 1.385.1170 are believed to be causing a false positive report of Trojan:Script/Wacatac.H!ml inside Docker Desktop on Windows. This occurs during installation, not during static file analysis. This affects Docker Desktop v4.17.0 and v4.17.1. We will continue to investigate and confirm the false positive. Our upcoming release for v4.18.0 is not affected.