Installation issues and Controlled Folder Access

I’m posting this here as this might become an issue for people who install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and activate the Controlled Folder Access feature in Windows Defender.

For those not familiar with this feature, it is intended to make it harder for viruses and ransomware to make changes to important folders, if your PC somehow becomes infected.

It’s currently disabled by default but with the news of a new ransomware outbreak I decided to enable it just in case.

When I ran the Docker for Windows installer on my laptop I did not notice that there was actually a notification popping up telling me that there was a new program trying to access a protected folder. All I noticed was the installer getting stuck at the “Removing files” stage.

If you click on the notification it will open Windows Defender at the “Allow an app through the controlled folder access” settings page.

You can then click on the “+ Add an allowed app” button and browse to - and select the Docker for Windows installation file.

I had to manually kill the stuck installation and rerun the installation but this time it ran through the process quickly and without any issues.

Hope this help anyone who might run into this issue in the future.

It’s AUG 2018 and I still run into this issue with an automatic update of Docker for Windows, it would be nice to know where the program location is for the auto-updater so that I can permanently add it to the allowed app list and not have to manually update docker every time there is a stable channel update.

If anyone knows the default location, please post it. thanks!