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Dockerizing big app

(Irot) #1

Recently I’ve been reading about Docker and its strengths. But I have one question. I am supposed to dockerize a big app. It is written in Java and some parts of it in Ruby on Rails. Its working under Red Hat EL 7. It has external data base which it should connect to. What should I do at first? I am dockerizing it using RHEL 7. So I downloaded RHEL image and I’m using it as a base image (FROM in Dockerfile) then I wanted to install Java and Ruby. Is it enough to ADD a path to files where is the code of my app?

It is quite big and complex app, is it possible to dockerize it?

It would be very helpful if somebody could tell me how to dockerize Joomla or Tomcat for example. Let’s say that I have clean ubuntu image, and all the Joomla files. What would Dockerfile look like? I know that there are repositories that includes both Joomla and Tomcat, but it would help me to deal with my app.

(Sabin Basyal) #2

I can provide you the official Dockerfile for tomcat. Maybe, this helps:
As far as the big application is concerned, Docker is more efficient with Microservices Architecture as opposed to Monolithic Architecture. Although, this depends on the System Design, on what components of the system be dockerized.

(Jasonsmith211) #3

My question under this is I don’t see how to manage data containers when you need to have more than 10GB of files (for example my mails have much more), so I see perfectly the added value of data containers it is very well in architecture point of view but how to increase the size of it without using doing shared directory with the host ?)

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