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Does $10+ million in annual revenue require Docker Business subscription?


We are a few developers using the Docker Desktop in our organization and is uncertain about what subscription we must use.

At Docker FAQs | Docker it mentions “As a Docker Pro or Docker Team subscriber you now get commercial use of Docker Desktop as part of your existing subscription. You may need to evaluate if you need to add additional users to your subscription to account for their use of Docker Desktop if your organization is greater than 250 employees OR has more than $10 million in annual revenue.”

Does this mean that if our organization has more than $10 million in revenue we must use Docker Business?

If I understand correctly, then a Pro or Team account will do too:

The use of Docker Desktop in large businesses, however, requires a Pro, Team, or Business paid subscription, starting at $5 per user per month.

I’d say that applies to currently having some users on a Free account (rebranded to Personal), who will need to upgrade to Pro (or whatever you want).

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