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Does anyone know how to build the MobyLinux iso used by Docker for windows?

I have looked everywhere in the documentation but I have not found a reasonable way to build a custom version of the docker MobyLinux.iso. I know that the kernel sources are available here. But I have no idea how to turn that into a MobyLinux.iso.

Is this just not supported by Docker for Windows?

Secondary question. Is the docker for windows GUI application not Open Source?

While I’m unsure about the MobyLinux build, I can tell you that you’re more than likely going to have an easier time just modifying the running instance. Depending on what you’re trying to do, that might be the path of least resistance.

If you’re asking about Kitematic, it’s open source.

I was asking about the Docker-For-Windows GUI that controls windows settings. and I am trying to enable Hyperv Dynamic memory with the hv_balloon module. Ideally in a way that I could distribute to developers in my company.

I am having trouble sharing my connection behind a firewall with docker-machine, and docker machine with hyper-v does not like to maintain the same IP address. This means that every time the machine is rebooted the machine needs its certificates regenerated.

If I could modify the existing system to add better kernel support for hyper-v it would simplify our use of docker at my company, significantly.

We are intend to use it for C++ and C development on projects that target multiple operating systems and embedded devices. Our builds have high memory requirements but do not require any extra memory usage when not building. If we can enable Hyper-v’s Dynamic memory and configure the minimum/maxiumum from the advanced settings GUI, docker for windows would be an excellent way to manage the tool-chains we need for various platforms.