Can we use any other linux, other than MobyLinuxVM in docker for Windows 10

Hi All,

Could you please let me know if the following is possible with Docker for Windows10

  1. Can we use anyother Linux VM (other than MobyLinuxVM) in the HyperV such that docker for windows 10 uses let say Ubuntu VM

Thanks in advance


You can use Ubuntu with Docker for Windows:

docker run -ti ubuntu bash

Hi Micheal,

Thanks a lot for responding!

Actually what I ment was

Docker for Window 10 uses the MobyLinuxVM on the Windows host to execute the docker Daemon

So what i wanted to know is

Is there a way to tell to the Docker for Windows 10 to use for instance Ubuntu VM instead of the MobyLinuxVM



Why do you want to do that?

I am trying to create a container in windows, during the build process I have to install and configure DB2 and Installation manager. This build on Windows 10 fails the script takes very long time to execute and finally it either fails or hangs.

I checked the memory and cpu usage using docker stats and I see only 4% of cpu and 1 % memory is used. I aslo assigned 8GB ram and 4 cpus to the docker process in Windows via the settings.

However the same build when I run it on a docker CE on RHEL/Ubuntu system succeeds without any issues.


Can you please open an issue with Dockerfile and details on what error you get here:

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