Does docker support using host OS as 'base image' directly?

Imaging I have 100 servers which already installed our OS environment (centos6 and many many private tools and libraries which could only used in our company), and I want to install glusterfs on the 100 servers. Is there a way for me to build my docker image base on my company’s OS environtment? I don’t want to build a docker image which contains all my company’s private tools and libraries, as it will be too large.

I have tried to build this image by:

FROM scratch
#something for installing glusterfs

The ‘VOLUME / /’ means map the root directory of my OS directly into the container, but it does not work.

No, you can’t map a Host specific dir in the Dockerfile, that you’d do at run time.

The idea of Docker containers is that you create a portable filesystem that contains your tools, though there is some investigation into using Docker containers to replace packaging tools.

That said, you can tar up your existing filesystem, and then docker import it.

also, - and there are some interesting hits on google.