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Download docker image with out having docker

I do not have the ability to install docker for desktop on my workstation. Is it possible to pull an image without having docker installed?

Yes, but why would you like to download an image without the possibility to run it?

There is a shell-script in the moby project that can download images from the repository. See


The reason that I would need to download an image and not run it is that the I work on networjks that are closed.

I understand. What I do to transfer images into closed down environments is the same as when I need to get the docker binaries there itself. I use a personal computer, in my case a MacBook, pull the image and run the command

docker pull tomcat
docker save tomcat > tomcat.tar

I then move the tar to a disk, move the disk into the closed network and run the command

docker load < tomcat.tar

You can compress the tar-ball also.

Edit: But that requires installation rights. Seriously you should have the right to install and run docker if your job is to move docker images into a closed environment. [IMHO]