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Manual download of Docker Hub images

Working in a enterprise environment where access to internet and automatic download of images is restricted.
Is there a way to manually download images from Docker Hub, meaning without running docker pull and instead using something like docker import/export?.

If you have an “inside” and an “outside” environment, then “outside” you could docker pull all of the images you need on to some intermediate system, then docker save that into a tar file; transport that tar file “inside”; and docker load it on to systems that need it.

In principle you can directly speak the Docker HTTP protocol to get the same content, but I don’t off hand know of a tool that does that.

(docker export and docker import should IMHO probably be avoided in almost all cases; they act on containers, not images, and you should aim to have it easy to recreate a container from its image and local configuration.)

Thanks for the advice.
You are correct, I always mix import/export up with save/load