How do I get Docker images without running Docker?

I’m restricted to using Docker in an isolated, non-networked environment. How do I get images from Docker Hub without running Docker? It would be nice if the images were available on the Hub in archived form that I could download using a browser. Since they are not, is there another way of getting them without having Docker installed? I can run Java/JVM/.NET software that doesn’t need to be installed; are there JVM clients that will pull and save images without requiring Docker to be installed? Thanks.

Nobody knows?
I have this problem to.
How can I download Docker image file and move it to another computer?

You could run docker on some other (networked) machine:
docker save --output=fedora.tar fedora:latest
then move fedora.tar via usb stick or similar…
docker load --input fedora.tar

Btw: save/load preserve layers, if you dont need/want them have a look at export/import.

If thats not an option and your good on reading/understanding go (sorry, i’m not…) you might get your answers in here.

Thank you for answer.

Yes, thank you for your answer.