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Download image and create a container from windows images


How can I download image microsoft/mssql-server-2014-express-windows, for example, and run container about this image?
For linux I did this “docker run ubunut /bin/echo hello, world!” and this command downloaded image and mount container relative image ubuntu. But how can I do this for windows?

I used the command “docker search windows” and “docker search microsoft”. I was very impressed with variety of the images relative for the windows :slight_smile:


You need to setup Docker Engine for Windows:

Then you can run Windows Docker images

I am in ubuntu 16.04 LTS. This article explain how install powershell and prepare environment in windows to run docker.

I tried install base container images but I receive this output:

user@userd:~$ docker pull microsoft/nanoserver
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from microsoft/nanoserver

cf62dbf6d334: Downloading 
unknown blob

I used docker search nanoserver, but I can’t install base container with another result of this list (I didn’t try with all option, off course :slight_smile:

NAME                                 DESCRIPTION                                     STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
microsoft/nanoserver                 Nano Server base OS image for Windows cont...   26                   
tirexx/nanoserver                    Nano Server base OS image for Windows cont...   0                    
adikurniawan94/nanoserver                                                            0                    
laoshancun/nanoserver                                                                0                    
radarvector/nanoserver                                                               0                    
jovanstojanov/nanoserver                                                             0                    
sixeyed/nanoserver-helloworld        Basic sample container using Windows Nano ...   0                    
michaeltlombardi/nanoserveropenjdk   Microsoft Windows Nano Server with OpenJDK.     0   

You can’t run Docker Windows containers without a Windows system.

Hooo, maybe this is a fist obstacle I found on docker. Because I used the vagrant, and, (maybe I am wrong, but…) in vagrant it is possible use box with windows system on environment linux.

This time I can’t tested environment windows on my linux. But thanks your reply :slight_smile:

You can create a Windows Server 2016 system in VirtualBox and run Windows Docker containers in there. Details here:

Hi Michael, is that means we need to install docker on windows server to run windows images. From linux it is not possible. is that correct my understanding? Thank you.