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Windows Server image possible?


New Docker user here. OS is Ubuntu server 16.04, Docker version 1.13.

Is it possible to run Window Server in a container running on Ubuntu?

There is no “Windows container” running on a Linux host.

To run a windows container , the docker client and server os should be “windows”.

You can check that by doing - “docker version”.

There are two windows docker images available - “microsoft/windowsservercore” and “microsoft/windowsnanoserver” which are minimal installation of windows server 2016.

Even if you try to pull these images , you will get an error “Unknown blob”.

This is because you are using a linux version of the Docker daemon.

You should have windows docker version and that is possible only if the os is windows (with proper build number for “Switch to windows containters” option).

You can refer these for more help :-