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Docker CE install on Windows Server version 1709/1803

(Exdirectory) #1

Will Docker CE ever be supported on non GUI based versions of Windows Server, i.e. the newer server core ones?

I have a simple need for Docker so EE version would be too costly for my project but seems you have to have Docker EE if you want latest windows OS?

(Exdirectory) #2

Bump, anyone help with this?

(Gangli59) #3

Support or not I don’t know. However, you can install Docker CE on both Windows Server and Windows 10. You can pull windowsservercore-insider image and run it.

(Exdirectory) #4

In the latest Windows server builds there is no gui/desktop. Controlled only by power shell or ssh, so how would you install docker ce in the first place, since it is a desktop application with a system tray icon.

(Gangli59) #5

Sorry, didn’t realize you refer to a windows server has no GUI. By the way, are you talking about Windows server core version?

(Exdirectory) #6

Yep exactly, as per OP.

1709 and 1803 version is server core.

Hoping that they release a CE version for these.