Docker CE install on Windows Server version 1709/1803

Will Docker CE ever be supported on non GUI based versions of Windows Server, i.e. the newer server core ones?

I have a simple need for Docker so EE version would be too costly for my project but seems you have to have Docker EE if you want latest windows OS?

Bump, anyone help with this?

Support or not I don’t know. However, you can install Docker CE on both Windows Server and Windows 10. You can pull windowsservercore-insider image and run it.

In the latest Windows server builds there is no gui/desktop. Controlled only by power shell or ssh, so how would you install docker ce in the first place, since it is a desktop application with a system tray icon.

Sorry, didn’t realize you refer to a windows server has no GUI. By the way, are you talking about Windows server core version?

Yep exactly, as per OP.

1709 and 1803 version is server core.

Hoping that they release a CE version for these.