Empty Directory After Deployment

Good evening,

I am having a weird issue, I am trying to install Homer Dashboard and I’m setting the path to /home/“user”/homer/ and it seems to install fine, but when I go to the directory there’s nothing there and the application does not work. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Here is my docker-compose.yaml

version: “3”

image: b4bz/homer
container_name: homer
- /home/“user”/homer/:/www/assets
- 8080:8080
- UID=1000
- GID=1000
restart: always

According the DockerHub description, the container folder /www/assets indeed is the folder supposed to be used as volume. I can only assume that either the double quotes in “user” (if this is supposed to be a placeholder, please highlight it in your description!) or permission issues (owner of the host folder does not align with the uid:gid of the process inside the folder)