Enhancement Request, windows system tray menu makes it easy to close the app on mistake

I keep shutting Docker down by mistake when accessing it via Window system tray menu. The default behavior for many Windows tray icons is that double clicking it will open the app full screen, not just a small menu. Microsoft Outlook is an example of this behavior.

Double click Docker tray icon.
Quit Docker Desktop is always the default selection under the mouse.
The first click displays the menu, the second click shuts down Docker.
If containers are running, it shuts them down without warning.

The normal behavior for windows tray icons is that right clicking them will open a small menu adjacent to the icon.
Double clicking the icon will open the app full screen.
Accidentally double clicking the icon shouldn’t result in losing data.

I keep double clicking the icon to open Docker but instead I shut it down.

I think the Dashboard should be displayed when double clicking the tray icon because that’s usually what I want to do.