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Environment setup inquiry

I am new to Docker and trying to setup a environment with IIS as front-end and MSSQL as db. However, IIS run on Windows Docker host while MSSQL (for production) run on Linux Docker host.

I created two VM (one for Windows and the other is CentOS) and installed Docker EE in both of them. Then created IIS container in the Windows and mssql container in the CentOS. The two VM are in the same network subnet and can ping each other.

I setup swarm between that two docker EE where CentOS as manager and Windows as worker.

I would like to seek for your advise that are the IIS & MSSQL/Windows & CentOS combination feasible? What practical/best practice should be?
The containers can’t communicate with each other. Is that any way to allow them to do so?
Thank in advance!