Error Code trying to run .NET application in Mono Container

I try to run my .NET application in an Mono Docker image. I created docker file with the following content:

FROM mono:latest
COPY /_build/debug/mydocker :/mydocker
WORKDIR /mydocker
ENTRYPOINT [“mono”, “./MyApp.exe”]

From the Powershell I invoked the following commands:

PS C:\Users\myUser> docker build .
PS C:\Users\myUser> docker tag 44ae8b30b2c3 mydocker
PS C:\Users\myUser> docker run -i -t -p 8000:8000 --name test mydocker

Listing all docker containers I get the status code “Exited (2)”. I used google to find out the meaning of Status Code 2 and had found the hint, that something failed running my application (MyApp.exe).
How can I get more informations about the reason?
How can I get Exceptions or error messages, that where thrown during the start phase?
Best regards,