Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

Expected behavior

Open Kitematic correctly

Actual behavior

I downloaded Kitematic to use with my new Docker Beta for Windows. When I run it, the application starts loading but then shows me the following error:

Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

Is there a way to configure Kitematic to work correctly with my fresh install of Docker?


Windows 10 Pro.

Screen capture:

Steps to reproduce the behavior

1.Open Kitematic for Windows

Hi, please click the “USE VIRTUALBOX” button after receiving the connect ETIMEDOUT error. This will take you to the Connect to Docker Hub page.

I have exactly the same issue on a clean install of Windows 10 10586. I don’t want to use VirtualBox, because I need to run other VMs using Hyper-V. Has anyone been able to resolve it?

I don’t think there is any other way at the moment. I commented about this on Github issues for this repo and got a reply saying to use VirtualBox.

I am having the same problem; but I am using Docker for Windows and HyperV. The very first time the VM is created I can install Docker containers and everything works great. But if I shut down my computer and restart it I get this error: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT I suspect this is because the DHCP server assigns another IP address to my VM and thus Kitematic can’t connect. Is there a way to get around this?

After a while I figured out that, for the Windows beta, this error happened when the Docker service wasn’t started (either because installation problems or because it wasn’t starting on startup).
Make sure you can access Docker with the command line. If you do, then you should be able to open Kitematic.