Error during connect: This error may indicate that the docker daemon is not running

I have installed Docker desktop and WSL as well.
I’m able to see the decker version in PowerShell and it showing below errors

can any one assist please.
thank you.

HI kiritieduru,

I am facing the same issue on my desktop. Kindly share if you have any resolution on this issue.

Thank you,

Hi @sreekarjillela
Yeah that issue was resolved by add my username to Docker- users group.
Search->type Computer management->click on Local users and groupsGroupsdocker-users
there you go and add your username.
after adding if you get same error then downlead Ubuntu and update it to version-2.


On Windows, reason behind this issue is that Docker is not started. I tried couple of solution provided on multiple online portal to start it. What worked for me is:

  1. In Docker Desktop if you are already logged in as a user, logout from there
  2. Again login to docker desktop with docker account

When we login to docker account, it internally triggers the restart. So resulting if it’s not started, it will start the docker for us.

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