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Error during docker build (Jenkins Pipepline)

(scrappedprince) #1

Hello Guys,

I 'm new to docker and I am having issue with my build image pipeline on jenkins.
sh ‘docker build -t scrappedprince/hygieia-app:1.0.0 .’
But when its on that pipepline, I am receiving this error:
Step 1/7 : FROM —> c82521676580 Step 2/7 : COPY default.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf.templ lstat default.conf: no such file or directory

I have checked on the server and /etc/nginx/conf.d is present.
I’m still really new with docker… Do also first run the docker-compose.yml? The app that I am trying to build is Hygieia.

Thanks in advance!