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Error getting IP address: Host is not running

When starting my Docker QuickStart Terminal I get this code below. The issue is I cannot connect to an IP address and check any of my work or create docker containers. I’ve already unistalled and reinstalled an did an update on my mac as well as docker. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m new at using docker.

Starting “default”…
(default) Check network to re-create if needed…
(default) Creating a new host-only adapter produced an error: /usr/local/bin/VBoxManage hostonlyif create failed:
(default) 0%…
(default) Progress state: NS_ERROR_FAILURE
(default) VBoxManage: error: Failed to create the host-only adapter
(default) VBoxManage: error: VBoxNetAdpCtl: Error while adding new interface: failed to open /dev/vboxnetctl: No such file or directory
(default) VBoxManage: error: Details: code NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005), component HostNetworkInterfaceWrap, interface IHostNetworkInterface
(default) VBoxManage: error: Context: “RTEXITCODE handleCreate(HandlerArg *)” at line 94 of file VBoxManageHostonly.cpp
(default) This is a known VirtualBox bug. Let’s try to recover anyway…
Error setting up host only network on machine start: The host-only adapter we just created is not visible. This is a well known VirtualBox bug. You might want to uninstall it and reinstall at least version 5.0.12 that is is supposed to fix this issue
Regenerate TLS machine certs? Warning: this is irreversible. (y/n): Regenerating TLS certificates
Waiting for SSH to be available…
Too many retries waiting for SSH to be available. Last error: Maximum number of retries (60) exceeded
Error checking TLS connection: Host is not running

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              ## ## ##        ==
           ## ## ## ## ##    ===
       /"""""""""""""""""\___/ ===
  ~~~ {~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~ /  ===- ~~~
       \______ o           __/
         \    \         __/

Error getting IP address: Host is not running
docker is configured to use the default machine with IP
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