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Error message:Invalid login\password

(Nozamo) #1

“’’'Please type your username and password so Docker Desktop can mount files inside your containers. files will be mounted as this user”"""

Hi, I am new to Docker, using Docker CE version: , updated yesterday from version 18… I went to Setting, Shared Drives, checked the “C” Drive and then clicked "apply ", and then I’m asked for my username and password, which I entered. However, I got this error message: Invalid login\password. I am new to all of this. What am I doing wrong here ? Thanks in advance!

(Cyberjul) #2

At least I´m not the only one with this problem :slight_smile:
Using DockerDesktop


I had this problem.

It was solved when I could not log into my windows sessions because of a failed “trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain”, and the administrators of the Active Directory solved this “trust relationship” problem.

What I understand is that at the Active Directory level, there can be a failure of the authentication, that I don’t see for days, perhaps because of a cache, but Docker try to authenticate directly with the AD and fails.

The admins can find and solve this problem.