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Error response from daemon : error creating temporary lease

Im trying to pull the container but i keep getting this bug ,help please

Error response from daemonb : error creating temporary lease: **write /var/lib/desktop-**containerd/daemon/io.containerd.metadata.v1.bolt/meta.db: read-only file system: unknown

Just to make sure. Is it really “daemonb” and not “daemon”? I have never seen “daemonb” but you used it in the title and the error message so I suppose it was not accidentally written as “daemonb”. Or was it?

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Yeah my bad it is daemon, any pulling of container i run results in the quoted text

The mentioned meta.db file is required to save metadata. It looks like it is read-only. Have you customized anything related to the filesystem? Can you recall doing anything unordinary before the error happened?

What do you mean by pulling the container? You can pull an image and run a container from it.

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Im still new thanks for correcting me, I was trying to pull then cancelled the process thats where problem started i guess when i wanted to start the process again. Today I clean the pc and was able to pull for the first time Rimelek using docker