Error response from daemon: file integrity checksum failed for

Docker Version 19.03.12

Hello guys,
i hope you have a idea and can help me. i have a big problem, me or a colleague did change at least one file manually in /var/lib/docker/overlay2/ instead of editing it in the container.

I wanted to commit and push all docker container to a new private registry but it always fails with:
file integrity checksum failed for “/usr/src/app/config/config.default.json”

Is there anyware to recover from this? i try to::

docker cp container_1:/usr/src/app/config/config.default.json
docker cp config.default.json container_1:/usr/src/app/config/config.default.json

But it the checksum still apears. i did change the file back to its old state( did go with docker exec in the container and ‘sed’ the changes back. no change

The private register were is outdated images were is no more. Because of that i wanted to refresh the images but keep failing coz of this checksum file error.

Thank you