Error response pull ubuntu image throughout Artifactory: manifest not found

I get an error when I try to download an ubuntu image throughout Artifactory remote repository ( )
Artifactory is first trying to download the manifest corresponding the requested image.

The following error occurs:

Error response from daemon: manifest for ‘hostname’:5000/ubuntu:latest not found: manifest unknown: The named manifest is not known to the registry.

When I try to download an other image from this remote repo, for instance tomcat, then it goes well.

Could there be a problem with the manifest of the ubuntu image(s)?

I was trying to get the latest version

Same thing for me. Newly created images don’t seem to have a manifest:

$ docker manifest inspect
no such manifest:

Older images from two days ago and before are fine.
I suspect new manifests are not being created or are corrupted.

This is blocking my build that combines manifests to do multiarch images