Error validating certificates


I’m getting this error

Error checking TLS connection: Error checking and/or regenerating the certs: There was an error validating certificates for host “”: tls: DialWithDialer timed out

while trying to create a docker machine on Mac.

I’m running
> $ docker -v
> Docker version 17.03.1-ce, build c6d412e
> $ docker-machine -v
> docker-machine version 0.10.0, build 76ed2a6

MAC OS 10.12.3 and VirtualBox 5.0.10 r104061

I have tried re-generating the certs, re-installing VM and docker and restarting the laptop, but still not able to fix this issue.

I am able to ssh to the docker-machine, but

docker-machine create --driver=virtualbox vbox-test
docker-machine env vbox-test
eval “$(docker-machine env vbox-test)”

fails with the above error message

Any fix for this?