"error while deleting neighbor entry" error="no such file or directory"


Anyone else encountered this before?

Sep 20 14:12:07 MyServerNameHere dockerd[2277]: time=“2023-09-20T14:12:07.915228184+02:00” level=warning msg=“error while deleting neighbor entry” error=“no such file or directory”
I found this via ChatGPT:
Message is generated by Docker’s daemon (dockerd) and indicates that Docker encountered an issue while attempting to delete a “neighbor entry,” and the error message “no such file or directory” was returned.
Docker attempted to perform a network-related operation, such as removing a neighbor entry from the network stack, but it failed because the specified file or directory was not found.

My docker engine version is 23.0.6.

If you have any tips & tricks I would be grateful :slight_smile: