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Failed to deploy stack: stat ... overlay ... no such file or directory

Failed to deploy a stack: stat /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-778866f8-7f10-4115-a732-25f9056f52c/appdatafind --overlay
/docker/overlay2/4ba7a5ce5e9c08d428b4fda7824dff37498b723e75c898aed1d693df0252534c: no such file or directory : exit status

looks like I have deleted something I shouldn’t when I removed a portainer stack, can anyone help in getting this rectified

I changed the title from “Deployment error” to “Failed to deploy stack: stat … overlay … no such file or directory” because the previous title was too general. I recommend quoting a short part from the error message if you don’t know how to describe the issue an other way.

Can you also explain when this message shows up? You used “build” as a tag for the topic. Does this happen when you try to build an image or when you run docker stack deploy ?

the error occurs when I run a docker compose file to create a stack in Portainer running on OMV5. I previously ran this file successfully but encountered errors further on with the build and was advised reinstall but I must have deleted more than I should.

It looks like docker finds the metadata of a container (docker/containers) or an image (docker/images) but cannot find the filesystem in docker/ovelay2. Did you delete anything manually on the filesystem?

I deleted the stack from Portainer using the remove button then I think I selected the option on the next pop up to remove non persistent volumes.