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Error with outputfiles from algorithm using Windows

I’m not able to see output files created by algorithm. Harry Jubb created it for Linux, so I’ve been struggling to find the adaptations for Windows.
This is my code :

docker run --rm -v C:\directory:/filelocation -it arpeggio python /file.pdb -s RESNAME:xxx -v

INFO//12:21:10.534//Program begin.
INFO//12:21:10.618//Loaded PDB structure (BioPython)
INFO//12:21:10.620//Detected that the input structure contains hydrogens. Hydrogen addition will be skipped.
INFO//12:21:10.871//Loaded PDB structure (OpenBabel)
INFO//12:21:10.884//Mapped OB to BioPython atoms and vice-versa.
INFO//12:21:11.050//Typed atoms.
INFO//12:21:11.066//Determined atom explicit and implicit valences, bond orders, atomic numbers, formal charge and number of bound hydrogens.
INFO//12:21:11.111//Initialised SIFts.
WARNING//12:21:11.116//Chain termini could not be determined for chain E. It may not be a polypeptide chain.
INFO//12:21:11.119//Determined polypeptide residues, chain breaks, termini
INFO//12:21:11.322//Percieved and stored rings.
INFO//12:21:11.345//Perceived and stored amide groups.
INFO//12:21:11.354//Added hydrogens to BioPython atoms.
INFO//12:21:11.359//Added VdW radii.
INFO//12:21:11.365//Added covalent radii.
INFO//12:21:11.371//Completed NeighborSearch.
INFO//12:21:11.378//Assigned rings to residues.
INFO//12:21:11.380//Made selection.
INFO//12:21:11.508//Expanded to binding site.
INFO//12:21:11.509//Flagged selection rings.
INFO//12:21:11.510//Completed new NeighbourSearch.
INFO//12:21:11.606//Calculated pairwise contacts.
INFO//12:21:11.794//Program End. Maximum memory usage was xx MB.

But, is not adding this :
This created a bunch of files in the current directory
Files (…)

The original code created by Harry Jubb is this :

docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/run -u `id -u`:`id -g` -it harryjubb/arpeggio python /run/file.pdb -s RESNAME:xxx -v

However, “$(pwd)”:/run -u id -u:id -g works for Linux and not for Windows. Thus, that’s why I added C:\directory:/filelocation . I couldn’t type user id and group id since docker is working as a virtual image.
Kind regards,

Issue sorted.
The adapted code for Arpeggio using Windows Power Shell is:

docker run --rm -v :/host-directory:/container-path -u uid:gid -it arpeggio python /pathto/file.pdb -s RESNAME:xxx -v