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Executing autoreconf on mounted host directory from container generates out of memory

(Gonber) #1

I’m running an Ubuntu Docker container on an OS X host.
From within the container I want to run

autoreconf --force --install

on a source code tree.
I would like the source code tree to remain in the host and as such I mounted it as a directory in the container (with option -v to docker run command). However when I execute autoreconf under these conditions it takes a lot of time and ends up reporting “Out of memory”

If I simply copy the source code tree into the container it works as expected.

Is there any option I can give to docker run to solve this?

(Jarrednicholls) #2

I am having exactly the same issue. Actually, I was able to run autoreconf once successfully. Subsequent attempts after doing a git clean -fdx in my repo (within the container, on the mounted volume) now yields this weird recursive issue…and autoreconf runs out of memory.

(David Sheets) #3

This should be fixed in the recently released Beta 28. If the problem persists, please file an issue at

(Jarrednicholls) #4

I would love to obtain a copy of Beta 28 but it is not published anywhere it seems. How can I get access? Thanks.

(David Sheets) #5

It should be available from

(Jarrednicholls) #6

Ah great, thank you.