Extension Was Not Installed

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Hello everyone,

I encountered an error while trying to install an extension in Docker Desktop. The extension in question is Livecycle. In short, I received the error message after pressing the “Install” button. However, I was able to install other extensions successfully.

I have attempted to reinstall the Docker Desktop application and restart the application/computer multiple times, but to no avail. Here are some specifications of my device that might help:

  1. Available storage space on C: drive: 50 GB.
  2. Docker Desktop version: 4.27.2 (137060).
  3. Operating System: Windows 11.
  4. WSL2 Installed.

Is there a solution available?

Thank you.

It doesn’t work with Docker Desktop 4.28 either on Windows 11, but it works on macOS. It seems that the Windows support of this extension does not work.

I tried to manually run the commands it showed me in the error message, but didn’t work because the folder didn’t exist to which it wanted to copy. Since it creates a new temp folder every time you try to install, I couldn’t test the command. Also symlink is not a valid command, but I don’t know if it has to be valid or not. You can try to click on the “Give a feedback” link on the extensions tab and also try the CLI until the extension is fixed

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Ah, now I understand the reason. So that’s how it is. And then, I will try to give feedback and try again until the extension is successfully fixed.

Thank you for your attention.