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Failed to stop "MobyLinuxVM": Cannot find a process with the process identifier 10012


(Julianonunes) #1

Expected behavior

When clicking on Reset to factory defaults Docker should delete all containers, images and the MobyLinuxVM.

Actual behavior

If MobyLinuxVM failed to start and Hyper-V Manager says it’s stuck in Starting state, the Reset to factory defaults fails with error:

Failed to stop “MobyLinuxVM”: Cannot find a process with the process identifier 10012

If the computer boot is slow it seems that it makes Docker for Windows fail starting its own service, then I have to disable the automatic startup, reboot the computer, remove the existing MobyLinuxVM and run Docker for Windows as administrator.

My computer when starting almost always has disk operations at 100%.


Diagnostic: BD1854A3-041C-4C22-9FE5-1E5045910B45/2016-06-30_09-02-45
Windows 10 x64
Intel Core i7 4510U 8GB RAM

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. … Install Docker for Windows and leave it for automatic startup
  2. … Reboot (probably the delay on startup caused by other software and drivers is causing the problem)
  3. … If Docker fails to start, open the Settings and click Reset to factory defaults

(Emmanuel Briney) #2

Thanks for the report, we will fix it.

(David Gageot) #3

@julianonunes this should be fixed in today’s release!

(Julianonunes) #4

Great. I’ll download the update and let you know as soon as I test it.

(Julianonunes) #5

Installed the update from within the Docker settings app and now when it tries to initialize I get this error:

A wrong version of Docker for Windows service is running.
Expected: 1.12.0-rc3-beta18
Got: 1.12.0-rc2-beta17

The diagnostic ID is BD1854A3-041C-4C22-9FE5-1E5045910B45/2016-07-05_21-20-05

I’ll try making a clean install


After a reboot the Docker settings app initilized correctly without having to reinstall it.

However, when starting the Docker service it gave this error: “Failed to start VM MobyLinuxVM: The VM couldn’t get an IP address after 60 tries”.

Diagnostic ID: BD1854A3-041C-4C22-9FE5-1E5045910B45/2016-07-05_22-42-46

If I try to start Docker after the above error (and my computer finishes loading all driver/software junkies) it goes successfully.

(David Gageot) #6

Hi @julianonunes, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “when starting the Docker service”. Does it mean you are trying to start the Docker windows service manually? It should start automatically.

(Julianonunes) #7

Hi @dgageot. Hyper-V Manager says that MobyLinuxVM is running, however the Docker settings app (the one in systray) says that Docker is starting. It takes some minutes until it gives the error saying that couldn’t get an IP address after 60 tries.