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Fatal Error for over a month on installation

I have downloaded the dmg for Docker repeatedly for over a month hoping the installation issue would be solved. It hasn’t so it must be something local for me.

After requesting my password it always shows a dialog indicating Fatal Error, The operation couldn’t be completed (Docker.VmnetdError error 1.) with three buttons, Reset Docker to factory defaults, Diagnose & Feedback, and Exit.

Of the three buttons, only Exit does anything. The other two either hang or just appear to do nothing.

Since Docker appears to be a required intermediary for other products, I am forced to have this as another point of failure. However, I find it disappointing that it won’t even install properly, preventing the other products from even having an opportunity to be used.

How does one actually get Docker working on Mac?


I too am facing this issue! Did you manage to resolve it on your machine?

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Any progress? I’m having the same issue…

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Did you manage to resolve it on your machine?

No, I didn’t. I just have to on Docker. Having another point of failure in launching an application is a bad idea

What is the deal with this? I have the same issue. I cant believe there has not been a fix in 6 months.