Feedback for the Docker team: Docker Hub Rate Limiting was not well advertised

This is some feedback to the Docker staff about the announcement about Docker Hub Rate Limiting.

First off, thank you for rolling out a gradual plan for anonymous pulls. That makes much more sense than the severe limits that were first announced. It’s reasonable for to put in limits for this.

However, this change is very significant and if it went ahead as planned, I suspect many users would have been caught unaware. The last thing we need 1 day before the US election is a big technical glitch on a critical pieces of the Open Source infrastructure.

I’ve been using Docker for 4 years, and I’m surprised at how quiet this announcement was. I only knew this was happening because I happen to follow some of the right people on Twitter and I happened to check Twitter at the right times. I used to get email from Docker Hub, but those emails stopped after the great Docker split. Nobody on our team got an email-- why not email all Docker Hub users about this signifigant change to Docker Hub?

The Kubernetes ecosystem is huge and not end-user focused, and it’s hard to keep track of announcements & changes – please help us out by making it easier to keep track of changes to your open source infrastructure. How about providing a way to subscribe to over email? Or steer people towards the Announcements Category on this forum and use that (which is how I was reminded about this)? The last post annoucement was 4 years ago-- why not use this tool for more announcements?

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I only recently started checking this forum, care to elaborate.

I’m referring to the sale of Docker Enterprise to Mirantis, which split the company:

What also happened last Novembers is that a number of Docker staff were laid off, a number moved to Mirantis, the San Francisco office was closed and I imagine that a number of processes were dropped at the time-- institutional knowledge and job stress have a real impact on an organization. In this example, I stopped receiving important emails from Docker. I’m sure that the fine people at at are doing their best to address this.

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Turns out Docker has a new Newsletter, which is different then whatever notices I was receiving a year ago.

So for posterity, for others who didn’t receive news about the Docker Hub rate throttling, there is information in the newsletter about this, along with news about Docker’s commercial offerings

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