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First time -- openlitespeed, mariadb container help for wordpress development

Hello everyone,

I could use some basic guidance with setting up a proper environment for website development, specifically with WordPress, but would also like to learn along the way.

I have Docker Desktop for Mac installed, as I’m running macOS Majave version 10.14.6 on my Macbook Pro.

I would love to have a local web server operating with OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB. What else do I need?

I’ve heard Sequel Pro for Mac is great, but is there an image for that? Or do I need to use a phpmyadmin image?

Finally, do I need to run CentOS first for OpenLiteSpeed to run?

In total, would I need the following images:

xddxdd/openlitespeed (is there a preferred image for this or would this one work?)
Wordpress (5.2.2-php7.1 is the image I could find without Apache built in)
Sequel Pro/phymyadmin?

Is that correct?

  1. Once I have the correct images, do I use a docker-compose.yml file to launch the webserver so when I access the localhost URL it open to Wordpress ready to click install?

  2. If the docker-compose.yml is the best way to go (versus Dockerfile?), is there a preferred tutorial to read up on for this openlitespeed, mariadb, etc. setup?

Thank you for listening! I look forward to hearing from all of you and learning from you along this journey :slightly_smiling_face: