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ownCloud | wordpress | nginx | certbot | mariadb


I have a Mac Mini that no longer supports anything useful with macOSX Server - so I’m looking to set things up on docker for my website running wordpress and owncloud.

I also want the server to support certbot / SSL so I can access my website from anywhere.

I have a Raspberry pi running DietPi that currently provides these services, but slowly.

So, I’m new to Docker, and I have it set up on my Mac mini.

I’m looking for a project to build the suite of docker containers needed to run owncloud and wordpress, providing a wildcard SSL certificate and responding as follows:

Any guidance - adding to existing projects for example - would be great to help me understand how to put things together and to have it all communicate.

For example, should I have a single mariaDB instance supporting tables for both wordpress and owncloud, or should I keep separate instances bound to both wordpress and owncloud?

So, be easy on a newbie as I try to learn some new skills.